Steve Gray Illustrator Children's Books

Steve's wacky and colorful children's books are sure to delight the whole family.

Farmer McPeepers and His Missing Milk Cows

Farmer McPeepers can't find his glasses..and his cows are up to no good.

by Katy S. Duffield (Author), Steve Gray (Illustrator)

There Was a Coyote Who Swallowed a Flea

There was a coyote who swallowed a flea, Plucked from his knee, that tickly flea. Yippee-o-Ki-Yee! Skinny ol' Coyote delights readers of all ages as he swallows his way through this delicious southwestern-flavored retelling of a well-loved rhyme. As Coyote gets bigger, the story gets zanier as a bird, a bull, and even an entire cactus end up as dinner. It's pure fun for everyone―even that little flea. Call him silly to swallow a chile! Yippee-o-Ki-Yee!

by Jennifer Ward (Author), Steve Gray (Illustrator)

There Was an Old Monkey Who Swallowed a Frog

There was an old monkey who swallowed a frog, a bat, a mango, a toucan, an iguana, and more! What a hog! Zany illustrations rendered digitally by Steve Gray show monkey's belly growing and growing as he eats a host of jungle creatures in this adaptation of the popular children's song, inspired by the rain forest.

by Jennifer Ward (Author), Steve Gray (Illustrator)

There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Fish

There was an old pirate . . . who swallowed a fish, a bird, a map, some gold, and even a whole pirate ship! Will the Old Pirate sink to the bottom of the deep, dark sea? Yo ho ho! Watch his belly grow! Jennifer Ward’s take on the “Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” song is perfectly matched with Steve Gray’s zany digital illustrations.

by Jennifer Ward (Author), Steve Gray (Illustrator)

Cow Can't Sleep

Belle can’t sleep. The hay is too scratchy. So she tiptoes around the farm to find the perfect place to sleep. But what if the best sleeping spots are already taken? Belle causes an uproar on the farm...until finally she finds the perfect place to sleep! Good night! Bright, hilarious digital artwork gives just the right touch to this silly bedtime story.

by Ken Baker (Author), Steve Gray (Illustrator)

There Was an Old Martian Who Swallowed the Moon

Join the old Martian as he swallows the moon, a comet, a rover, and more! Then he blasts off in his spaceship—beep, beep, ZOOM! Zany illustrations show the alien’s belly growing and growing as he eats his way through the galaxy. But what happens when the Martian gets to the sun? Jennifer Ward’s silly text and Steve Gray’s lively artwork take readers “out of this world” in this fun adaptation of the popular song.

by Jennifer Ward (Author), Steve Gray (Illustrator)

There Was an Old Mummy Who Swallowed a Spider

As the old mummy makes his way across a graveyard and through a haunted castle, he swallows all kinds of creepy things. From a rat to witches’ brew, and a crow to a spooky ghost, this mummy keeps swallowing and swallowing…until finally there’s a knock on the door. Trick or treat! Jennifer Ward’s fun text and Steve Gray’s zany artwork add a spooky Halloween twist to this adaptation of the popular song.

by Jennifer Ward (Author), Steve Gray (Illustrator)

the Ravenous Raven

The ravenous raven is one hungry bird! As he travels around the Colorado Plateau, he feasts on whatever he sees – fish, berries, nuts, and some other less appetizing choices. He’s not picky.

With fun-to-read text and hilarious illustrations, children and parents will laugh out loud as they read about Raven’s tasty (mis)adventure.

by Midji Stephenson (Author), Steve Gray (Illustrator)

The Ant who Walked from New York to L.A.

Avi is a big-hearted ant with a sunny disposition. He decides to walk from New York to Los Angeles to pursue his dream. Along the way he discovers that life is full of surprises!

by Steve Gray and Andy Hardie-Brown (Author), Cindy Gray (Editor), Steve Gray (Illustrator)